Bring on a Summer of Fun

As you probably know by now us aka ladies are never happier than when the sun is shining and even better if we have a glass of fizz too.

The news has been full of tragedy and it leaves you feeing desperately sad (please donate where possible to all affected charities & download the amazing remake of bridge over troubled waters).

Times of sadness make you take stock of your life and reflect on what you have achieved and how happy you are as you only get one chance here on earth 🙂


Make a list of what makes you happy about your life and what needs changing and take action today!

Get fit, be healthy, have more time for yourself, take up a new hobby, declutter your wardrobe, declutter negative friends who bring you down, find a new job (we can help with the last one) whatever is on your list look at ways of making any necessary changes as even a small change can make a big difference to your health and outlook.

Change can be scary but it can be so positive and it is so easy to be stuck in a rut whilst life passes you by.


No matter how busy you are inject some fun into your work day and home life. Take a break don’t just sit in front of the computer in your lunch break, go out and get some fresh air. Turn of the TV (if like us you love your telly) and go for a walk and appreciate your surroundings. Remember work has to be very important but luckily many of us don’t work within life and death situations so appreciate the good things in life.

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