February Thoughts

Well where to begin….

We hope you’ve had a fantastic start to the New Year and that it has already started to be the best year you’ve had!

Things have been manic here at aka recruitment with vacancies continually coming in and superb candidates constantly registering with us it is sure to the best year we have had!

We have had a slight reshuffle and introduced 2 new members to the team. Ryan joined us at the beginning of January as our new recruitment consultant and has brought 10 years of customer service with him. Having not done recruitment in the past he really is soaking everything up like a sponge. Jo joined the team at the beginning of February and as our candidate coordinator is taking the time to meet and speak with our candidates to get to know them a little and find out what they are looking for or how we can help. #freshteam #freshstart

Whilst Jo has been speaking to our candidates, Lauren and Ryan have been out meeting and greeting our clients, focusing on their business needs and what they look for when hiring a new team member. We know that every business and team are different and by getting to know our clients we can add that touch of class by matching up the perfect candidate.


The future at aka looks fantastic, we hope to diverse into different key areas of business, to meet new and exciting companies and clients, this will then lead to superb new job opportunities so keep your eyes peeled!!


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