Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s been crazy busy here since we started back at work last week with lots of recruiters looking for staff to join their expanding team. We have had a record number of job hunters many who have only registered with us here at aka who have decide this is the year to find a fab new job.

I don’t know how your New Year started, if you made any resolutions? Do you feel ready and raring to go after a New Year / New You or do you feel stuck in a rut and need some TLC – if so you have come to the right place.

Get a sheet of paper and make a list of what changes you want to make in 2018 make it realistic and don’t feel bad if there are just two or twenty things on the list. Then focus on how you can make these happen because we can’t just wait for this to miraculously occur we have to put the work in too. If you want a new job its easy email your favourite recruitment agency (better be us!) and we can help with the rest – call and meet one of our team and we will help you with the hard part – then when it comes to interviews we will help you there too, invisibly holding your hand at interviews etc. If you want to be healthier make a list of what you are eating/drinking then try and substitute anything with a high fat content or sugar with healthier options – little changes can make a big difference. It is so essential to incorporate exercise into your life, even half an hour walking can have amazing health benefits. We believe in the power of positive thinking and making time for your wellbeing. If your social life is lacking there are lots of clubs – tennis, keep fit, cookery, wine making, kids footy, whatever your hobbies are the club quickly becomes more than just that. I had a ladies night recently and when I looked at the guest list it was people I had met through social activities – don’t be afraid to get in touch with old friends too

Remember positive thinking, believe in yourself anything is possible it is up to you.
Have the best ever 2018 – find something to do that you love 🙂

Kathy x

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