Hard Work Needs To Be Appreciated

Things have been quiet on the blog front I bet you wondered what had happened to me however we here at aka recruitment have had the best month ever – wow it has been amazing we have been so busy with more vacancies and job hunters than ever.

As you know I believe you should reward your staff for their hard work “If you have great staff you have a great business” so I am whisking my amazing team away to London in June we are travelling first class and it will be a jam packed weekend to remember.


Many job hunters seek alternative employment not because of the money or the fact that they don’t love the job it is because they don’t feel that their hard work is appreciated. It doesn’t cost anything to say thank you to your employees if it is validated for their efforts. If they work over, if busy or cover for holidays, never take sick days and do over and above the call of duty – remember a few kind words can make a big difference.


If you work somewhere and feel underappreciated, make sure you speak to your line manager when you have your annual appraisal as they may not be aware that they are not communicating their appreciation of you. So many people leave it too late to start job hunting without even giving their current employer the chance to rectify the situation.  


We are at work such a huge part of our lives it is important that we enjoy our work – if you feel that you are in a rut – speak to one of our career consultants here at aka  we won’t just find you any job we promise to listen to your requirements and match you up accordingly. We help with CV’s, interviews advice, make sure you get feedback after your interview – it is the full package free of charge to you. This is why all we ask is that you recommend any job hunting friends to us and we reward you with ££ for each one placed.


Stay happy, be healthy and enjoy the Summer – for us it’s going to be very busy – hurrah!


Kathy Thorn 🙂


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