Make 2015 The Year Of You

Wow I can’t believe it is February already what a start to the Year it’s been crazy busy here with lots of recruiters looking for staff to join their expanding team.

I don’t  know how your New Year started if you made any resolutions do you feel ready and raring to go after a New Year / New You or do you feel stuck in a rut and need some TLC – if so you have come to the right place.

Get a sheet of paper and make a list of what changes you want to make in 2015 make it realistic and don’t feel bad if there are just two or twenty things on the list. Then focus on how you can make these happen because we can’t just wait for this to miraculously occur we have to put the work in too. If you want a new job its easy email your favourite recruitment  agency (better be us) and we can help with the rest – call and meet one of our team and we will help you with the hard part – then when it comes to interviews we will help you there too – invisibly holding your hand at interviews etc. If you want to be healthier make a list of what you are eating/drinking then try and substitute anything with a high fat content or sugar with healthier options – little changes can make a big difference. If you want to update your image my friend went to Boots Number 7 and was given an amazing make over for free – I went to the Mac counter and was amazed with the results. If you feel you would like to incorporate some exercise into your life Davina McCall has a 7 minute DVD out – now who hasn’t got 7 minutes. If your social life is lacking there are lots of clubs – tennis, keep fit, cookery, wine making, kids footy, whatever your hobbies are the club quickly becomes more than just that. I had a ladies night recently and when I looked at the guest list it was people I had met through social activates – don’t be afraid to get in touch with old friends too 🙂

Remember positive thinking, believe in yourself anything is possible it is up to you.

Have the best ever February find something to do that you love 🙂



September – Chance for a Fresh Start

Do you remember when you went back to school in September you felt full of anticipation for the New Academic Year ahead. It was a chance for a fresh start and if you hadn’t worked as hard as you could you were able to start afresh.

Just because we work doesn’t mean we can’t follow the same principles as when we were at school. Do you feel confident about your appearance? If your boss is looking to promote don’t be passed by because you don’t look the part. Sad as it is first impressions really do count. Of course you have to look more than that and be able to do a fantastic job too. Look thru your work wardrobe – does it need updating, is there anything in there that can be re vamped and given a second chance, or given a fresh look with accessories. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, my girlfriends and I have clothes swapping parties. Not forgetting the men, last but by no means least, if you wear a suit update with a trendy tie or update a boring suit by adding a brightly coloured shirt. There are lots of magazines to help you with this.

If you love your job as many of us do that is fabulous – are you giving it your best or have you got a little stuck in a rut and complacent 🙁 here at aka we joke about our back to basics that we do in September. Look at every aspect of your job and assess if you could make any changes, could you do anything to make your job more efficient. Feel the fear and do it anyway – if there are parts of your job that you just hate doing – for instance cold calling and you are expected to do a certain amount if not busy if you find yourself making jobs last longer so that you don’t have to do the dreaded calls. Just tell yourself what is the worst thing that can happen – they say no thanks. The feeling you get when you overcome your fears is amazing.

If you actually for whatever reason feel ready for a new job – there is no better time, we have never been as busy with both Motor and Office vacancies it’s crazy. We will ensure we find you the right job not just any job and with the help of my amazing team will help you in every aspect of the way – so email your CV to me straight away. Don’t forget if you recommend any job hunting friends you get £100 if we place them too.

Whatever your circumstances remember it is never too late, be positive and appreciate the great things in your life.

Kathy 🙂 x

June – Be Positive and Reap The Rewards

What an AMAZING month June is going to be – The Tour de France is travelling thru Huddersfield, we have the World Cup in Brazil, and then last but not least Wimbledon – can Andy Murray win again – yes he can!! Can you imagine The England lads travelling all that way whilst thinking they had no chance 🙁 and Andy Murray thinking he was lucky to have won once?

The power of positive thinking is amazing – only this weekend my friend asked me why I was so positive, wouldn’t it be easier she asked in all sincerity to think the worst and then when good things happen it’s a bonus. When I asked her how many good/positive things happen she admitted not many so I asked her, for me, to change her thought process for a month and rather than thinking the worst and using negative language to think positively at all times. She was amazed after a brief chat at how easy it is to be negative without thinking. “She can’t cope with the pressure of work and is fed up; she feels stressed; isn’t sleeping; can’t be bothered to exercise”. She repeats this to herself about fifty times a day, plus kids, her diet, her weight, her husband, the house chores and by the end of her day she feels unable to cope. By just changing your language and saying positive things “I am busy but am organised and looking forward to the challenge of what today brings; I am going to take time to exercise as it is important to look after myself and take time for myself as a healthy body enables a healthy mind.” Very quickly we start feeling more optimistic and able to live a happier positive existence – go on once month give it a go you will be amazed.

Job hunters often ring before their interview and tell us how nervous they are, how they can’t believe they have been selected for an interview and even check are we sure its them and not another candidate – as they don’t feel capable of the job, how they will go along for the interview but don’t feel optimistic. We can’t believe this, if you feel this way and keep repeating it to yourself, when at the interview this will come across and the chance of a job offer is unlikely. I enjoy spending time with our candidates who feel nervous, lack confidence and need a retune to think more positively. The feedback from them is amazing. The best part of our job is when we help them feel confident and more optimistic and positive, overcoming any negativity and of course celebrate their job offer and the amazing feeling that comes with that. Bring on the celebratory fizz!

Time for Reflection…

I love April, the nights are longer the weather brighter and as it is the beginning of the new financial year it gives me chance to reflect on the past year and the achievements made personally and professionally, this time I went right the way back to 1988…


I started my life working within the Motor Trade and I LOVED it. Working within an amazing team covering most departments this was a great grounding and taught me everything about the Motor Trade. Have you ever thought about the choices you make and the path those decisions lead to?? After many years and impending closure of my dealership I changed direction and became a Recruitment Consultant in Leeds and I started my next chapter finding people jobs. I had ten very successful years then after the birth of my daughter, Amelia, I decided to start my own business and aka Recruitment was born. I rarely wonder, as I love my job so much, as to what might have been.

I find it sad that not everyone is in a job they love – our office has its own Kleenex cupboard for newly registered job hunters who are unhappy at work and can’t see a way out. They can’t see the wood for the trees and don’t know what to do.

If you feel that it is time to change jobs take the first step and make an appointment to meet with one of our talented trained consultants who will listen to you. Then they will make suggestions of vacancies (some you may never have considered) or courses to take that will help your change of direction. It is important that you find the right job not any job our motto is ‘if you have a good job you have a good life’ we care about you and your next step – don’t take my word for it below are comments from job hunters in this past month alone:


‘Firstly I’d like to say a massive and I mean massive thank you for all your hard work! I absolutely love my job it honestly does feel like I’ve been there years I sort of slotted straight in, the lads are great.’


‘I would like to thank you and your company for the help you gave me in finding the perfect position for me. It was exceptionally quick and professional, you asked what and where I wanted. Within two days of our first contact I’m now looking forward to my new career with an employer I wanted.’


‘Thank you both very much for your valued support, effort and kind words during a very challenging time. Once you have got over the shock of been made redundant the reality is you need and find the people who are true and genuinely want to help. Your company stands out head and shoulders above the other companies out there.’


If you are lucky and love your job but wish you were healthier, had more hobbies, had a partner, didn’t have a partner(!) the list is endless 🙂 make a plan to ensure the months don’t fly by and this time next year you are in the same position – I have promised myself that this time next year I will have renewed my gym membership – wish me luck!!

TC Kathy 🙂

Let aka find you your perfect match this Valentines

♥♥♥ Happy Valentines to all you ♥♥♥ I have been doing some research recently and so many people dread Monday mornings and it got me thinking – if you don’t love your job (of course not every minute but at least 80% of the time that you are at work) you seriously need to do something about it.

Make a list of the things you enjoy and look forward to and then the things you don’t – this will help you to focus on what is important and ensure we find you the right job. It is important to my fabulous team that we don’t find you any job but one that matches your criteria. This is why we prefer to meet our job hunters – get to know you and then we can find you your perfect match 🙂

I always like a happy ending and only recently found out that two job hunters who we found employment for 13 years ago, when we first opened our recruitment doors, met partners and married via their workplace…. aka the dating specialist – watch this space …………………..