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We have had a record number of candidates offered jobs recently, many absolutely desperate to leave and most have snapped up the offer, but a few have then had their minds changed only to sadly regret it and wish they had left – unfortunately that job isn’t around and it’s a double blow.

So I thought it may help if I compiled a dos and don’ts of job hunting a few things for you to read and hopefully reassure you and let you know you are not on your own, we are here for you every step of the way.


Firstly, and most importantly NEVER job hunt after a row with a boss or colleague always sleep on it and then if necessary speak to the person in question and talk it though and resolve things.


It is likely you have mixed emotions as even though you were job hunting for whatever reason now the time is here to hand your notice in and this is where we find on occasion some job hunters have a wobble as it can be intimidating – try and remember why you started job hunting in the first place.

If you don’t feel this way and are delighted with your offer – good for you that is absolutely how you should feel – a new challenge working for a fantastic successful company. Open that fizz and celebrate!

If the company where you are working offers you more money – ask yourself why didn’t they do this in the first place if they truly value you. They should have paid you this in the first place.

They promise you the earth training courses, better work conditions, a kinder boss etc.  – As above why not do this before and sadly we find that this can be just false promises.

You may have a friend who you have lunch with or go to the pub after work and cutting these ties can be sad but remember this will happen again with time.

If we had a pound for candidates who give back word for the above reasons and then weeks later are back looking seriously regretting not accepting the position that has since been filled by another lucky job hunter. The job hunters who are unsure but decided to go for it always ring thanking us for our reassurance and it’s the best thing they ever did.


Put your notice in writing – let me know if you need help with this and stick to your guns, check your contract of employment for your notice period so you give only this. Some companies will let you use holidays to reduce this.

Remember the company you are going to have paid a fee to use our expertise, this is a permanent job and it could open up so many doors.

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