September – New Term, New Job

Do you remember when you went back to school in September you felt full of anticipation for the New Academic Year ahead. It was a chance for a fresh start and if you hadn’t worked as hard as you could you were able to start afresh.


Just because we work doesn’t mean we can’t follow the same principles as when we were at school. Do you feel confident about your appearance? If your boss is looking to promote don’t be passed by because you don’t look the part. Sad as it is first impressions really do count. Of course you have to look more than that and be able to do a fantastic job too. Look thru your work wardrobe – does it need updating, is there anything in there that can be re vamped and given a second chance, or given a fresh look with accessories. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, my girlfriends and I have clothes swapping parties. Not forgetting the men, last but by no means least, if you wear a suit update with a trendy tie or update a boring suit by adding a brightly coloured shirt. There are lots of magazines to help you with this.


If you love your job as many of us do that is fabulous – are you giving it your best or have you got a little stuck in a rut and complacent  here at aka we joke about our back to basics that we do in September. Look at every aspect of your job and assess if you could make any changes, could you do anything to make your job more efficient. Feel the fear and do it anyway – if there are parts of your job that you just hate doing – for instance cold calling and you are expected to do a certain amount if not busy if you find yourself making jobs last longer so that you don’t have to do the dreaded calls. Just tell yourself what is the worst thing that can happen – they say no thanks. The feeling you get when you overcome your fears is amazing.

If you actually for whatever reason feel ready for a new job – there is no better time, we have never been as busy with both Motor and Office vacancies it’s crazy. We will ensure we find you the right job not just any job and with the help of my amazing team will help you in every aspect of the way – so email your CV to me straight away. Don’t forget if you recommend any job hunting friends you get £100 if we place them too.


Whatever your circumstances remember it is never too late, be positive and appreciate the great things in your life.


Kathy  x

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