Summer of Fun

Why don’t you join us here at aka for our Summer of sports & fun – there has been such sadness with the tragic loss of our local MP the amazing Jo Cox I didn’t know her personally, of course I had heard of the amazing work she did, but friends of mine had met her many times and seen her in action she was so inspirational. Then without being too Political there has been the decision to leave Europe and David Cameron resigning, causing shockwaves.


Change can be scary but it can also be good so why not join us in having a re think about your life I have definitely taken inspiration from Jo. Recent tragic events in the news have made us take stock of what is good in life and what needs changing. If you don’t enjoy your job anymore don’t just moan on and on do something about it – this applies to everything and anything in your life. The sun is shining, make a list of what changes you want to make and go for it start afresh.


No matter how busy you are, inject some fun into your work day this can help when the tension is building. Take a break don’t just sit in front of your computer in your lunch break – go out if you can and get some fresh air. Remember we are not brain surgeons (unless you are!) work is very important but most of us don’t work within life and death situations so try and remember that – Pimms anyone!? 🙂


Have a fabulous happy Summer Kathy

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